Mastering the ‘Obvious Singles’ Technique

This Sudoku solving technique is all about the use of candidate numbers or notes. How does it work? Just write down the possible candidate numbers in each square first. Then, identify those squares which only have one candidate number remaining.

First, fill in the Sudoku grid with what can be written in every cell, some might have more than one candidate. The aim is to locate any cell with only one number that can fit therein. As shown below, if you come across a cell in the puzzle that has only 5 as its potential value, then don’t hesitate to drop it there because this will enable you to go on and solve other parts of the puzzle.

‘Obvious Singles’ or ‘Naked Singles’ are common names for this method. It is an easy technique that makes solving quite easy by identifying cells where only one number fits.

Using this strategy of ‘Obvious Singles’ will mean that you won’t despair when tackling Sudoku puzzles since they will now seem easier and faster to complete than before. Why not try? Download our free printable Sudoku puzzle books and see how much better you become!