Comic Book Blank Pages Vol. 2 (PDF)



  • Total book pages:- 109.
  • Unique comic templates:- 106.
  • Book size:- 8.5 x 11 inch.

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Comic Book Blank Pages Vol. 1.7

Some templates of this blank comic book have speech bubbles to get kids into the story flow. Speech bubbles give kids a head start in the beginning.   

Comic Book Blank Pages Vol. 1.3

Most of the templates are without speech bubbles so that kids can explore their imagination and draw their own bubbles as per the story flows. 

Great for super creative kids who love graphic novels. Kids can create their own superheroes and start their journey as professional artists. The sketches can be colored to make the comics look real.

With this blank comic notebook, you can keep your children away from electronic screens while letting them explore their art capabilities. For students who don’t enjoy writing at all, you can encourage them to write their own comic book!


  • Great for traveling with kids.
  • Great templates for a budding cartoonist.
  • Perfect to create your own comic book.
  • Perfect item to foster creativity in kids.
  • Great activity book for kids with ADHD.
  • Giftable to your loved ones for a big smile in return.

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